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Welcome to Wednesday

How do you feel about politics? If it gives you a headache, consider avoiding Twitter today.

Impeachment hearings and a likely vote on impeachment later today in the House will surely result in Twitter being flooded with political noise.

Apple, Amazon, and Google finally realize people are sick and tired of not having a common standard for smart home/IoT devices.

The companies are joining up with the Zigbee Alliance to develop ANOTHER smart home standard.

Will we someday be able to buy a smart bulb or outlet and not have to wonder if it works with Google Assistant, and HomeKit, but not Alexa, or maybe with Google and Alexa, but not HomeKit. Or maybe it works only via its own wifi app?

Here’s me not holding my breath.

So, Facebook appears to not be a fan of vaping or firearms, but lies in political ads remains a-ok.

I think it is safe to assume Facebook was not making much money on ads for either vaping or firearms, so…see you later.

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