Category: Holidays

  • Happy New Year

    2023 What is in store for us? Same shit? New shit?

  • Happy New Year?!?

    2022. We made it, huh? Be safe. Mask up. Get vaccinated! Get boosted!

  • End of Year Bits & Bytes

    Later 2019 Pardon the absence. Family to visit. Christmas to celebrate. Bowl games to watch. And I am now into day 5 of being sick. I am learning the joys of nasal irrigation. I am using a bottle of Simply Saline Nasal Mist Instant Relief. This stuff is awesome. It is basically saline solution. Give…

  • Weekend Bits & Bytes

    Hey there! Are you a Mr. Robot fan? Did you catch the series finale? No spoilers, but definitely two thumbs up! Check out the reaction on Twitter: #MrRobot I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Friday evening with my family. All thumbs up from us. Definitely check it out if you are a…

  • Friday Bits & Bytes

    Hey Friday Legal sports betting comes to Michigan! I like this legislation. I know some people do not, but with so much betting already taking place, this legislation brings it out in the open, regulates it, and earns some additional revenues for the K-12 schools of Michigan. Simply put, this is an opportunity for Michigan…