Are You Having Problems Running Webex on an M1 Mac?

As a newer user of an M1 Mac, a Mac Mini, I still run into issues from time to time with software applications that either refuse to work, are slow, or experience buggy behaviors.

I use WebEx every work day but until today I was unable to use it on my M1 Mac Mini. WebEx would start up and present me with the login page, but attempts to log in would error out every time after I entered my username and password. WebEx was already optimized for M1 Macs but the error was consistent and frustrating!

Well, WebEx was recently updated on my other computers (work PC and home PC), including a fancy, new logo so I figured I would download WebEx for the M1 Mac and see if, in addition to the new logo, the application behaved any better.

I am pleased to report WebEx for the M1 Mac works for me without a hitch. Maybe the shiny, new logo did the trick?

Regardless of what was fixed, I am now a happy camper being able to reliably use WebEx on my M1 Mac Mini.


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