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Do you dig space, NASA, watching a Falcon 9 nail the landing, and the like?

If you are a fan, check out the latest SpaceX launch on their YouTube livestream, scheduled to take place today at 9:19 p.m. EST.

This launch is another in a series to support Starlink, the constellation of satellites SpaceX is launching to provide space-based broadband internet service.

Sticking with things-tech, CES is this week.

We can overdose on teasers and news about the latest and greatest tech and products coming to computing, audio, gaming, personal health, autos, and seemingly every other category of our lives, along with devices and services attempting to make certain aspects of our lives more complicated than they need to be.

Some of these devices will see the light of day.

Others, not so much.

Australian Bush Fires

Here are links to recent news coverage of the horrific bush fires raging across Australia

  • Here’s just how bad the devastating Australian fires are — by the numbers – CNN
  • The bushfires in Australia are so big they’re generating their own weather — ‘pyrocumulonimbus’ thunderstorms that can start more fires – BusinessInsider

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